Jazzinstitut Darmstadt conference

The laundromat near my hotel is behind an orchid shop
The laundromat near my hotel is behind an orchid shop

Breakfast! Laundry! Conference in a civic building named for JFKennedy. Presentations about Gender and Identity in Jazz. Among four topics this afternoon were Sexual Desire, Eroticism, and the Construction of the Jazz Tradition (that’s one) and “Alright for a girl” and Other Jazz Myths about two British saxophonists, generations apart. (Note to Sally:  I told the group about the Ina Rae Hutton play we saw recently in NY.) Visit to Jazzinstitut Darmstadt tonight followed by beautiful dinner. Eight more papers tomorrow and I am really looking forward to all.

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  1. This is so international! I wonder if all genres of music are like this, or it’s unique to jazz.

    1. Also the Ufafabrik site shows they have a charming guest house! Maybe you could book a few nights there.

    2. You can tell I’m still reading the Ufafabrik web page. They’ve got this whole sustainability thing going on, with solar panels and specialized construction techniques and the whole nine yards. I was hoping you’d check out something like this in Germany, and you fell right into it unintentionally 🙂

  2. Also one of their sister organizations is a Qi Gong studio. Anybody can do qi gong (it’s not as complex as tai chi) and, reading in my limited German, they have classes for both women and seniors: http://qigong-ufafabrik.de/index.html

    If you got tired of the yoga class you could do a field trip and try qi gong!

  3. You are so fortunate to be able to visit there! As a German major and jazz publicist, I’ve always been intrigued by Jazz Institut Darmstadt. I see wonderful things coming from them. My alma mater is Indiana University. Have you ever reached out to Dr. Monika Herzig? She’s done some phenomenal work as know a great deal about gender and jazz.

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