A welcome in Bodinsee, a yoga class in Bobingen

Olivier and Nicole of Zur Winzer Stube Hotel in Hagnau
Olivier and Nico of Zur Winzer Stube Hotel in Hagnau

As we approached our destination on Lake Bodinsee between Germany and Switzerland, it was raining and dark, very dark. We called ahead to the Hotel Zur Winzerstube to say we are late and we are lost. Olivier answered and, though I could not understand his directions, his encouragement came through in the words “We are here for you.” When we got there, he welcomed us with two glasses of champagne. In the morning Nico was equally helpful and encouraging. Memorable people! And there are more to come.

Heike Farkas and Patti Anderson at Integral Yoga in Bobingen
Heike Farkas and Patti Anders at Integral Yoga in Bobingen

At 5:30 in the evening, we were waiting in the parking lot at Integral Yoga Zentrum Augsburg-Bobingen for Heike Farkas and her yoga class . In August I had written to Heike to inquire about talong a class at the center, but then confirmed nothing. We just showed up. She was surprised! In our honor she taught a bilingual class and a beautiful one. I hope I can remember some of her variations. We were hungry! So her student Catherine led us to Mai Mai, a Vietnamese restaurant on the edge of town with a spicy and crispy menu. Then we drove back to our room above and behind a Biergarten in a much smaller town 50 km west of Munich. What an unusual day!


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  1. Nice people indeed, what a pleasant aspect of travelling on your own (well, you and Patti on your own). Carry on!

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