Sunday synopsis

Great day! More beautiful weather

I walked to the Jewish Museum Berlin. Google maps routed me  along a bike path that happens to pass this mural on the side of a several-story bldg. How about that sky? To the right outside the frame there’s the message REFUGEES WELCOME.


The museum is not to be described in a few words or a photo. One observation: the design by Daniel LIbeskind admits no sunlight. I hope to finish the exhibit tomorrow night.

In the evening I went to a most interesting production of Turandot at Deutsche Opera Berlin. Here’s the curtain call.

Do not confuse this bride with a woman
Do not confuse this bride with a woman

It’s a mediocre photo but a great big cast and I wish you could have seen the staging — Act One especially. Singing Liu, Ellen Tsallagova was wonderful.

Passed the the two jazz clubs A Trane and Quadimodo as I walked toward home, and I hope to get to AT on Tuesday. We’ll see about all these hopes.

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