Concert last night, marathon this morning


After watching so many concerts online, my dream came true as I took a seat in the real hall with  real music in the real air. The sound is sublime! I stretched my eye muscles (yoga reference) to look everywhere. The program was Korngold and Saint-Saens with violin and organ soloists. Total beauty and engagement.

And after the concert, here’s the studio team of Robert and Thomas with guest, then Peter from Copenhagen, and  Ina from the media team on the right. Hanna not in photo and Holly’s the photographer.  I spent the two previous nights watching them set shots and rehearse. Another dream.

Marathon is everywhere today!


My hotel is near where the route almost crosses itself, just below center of map. Just now the winner is running through the Brandenberg Gate! There will be many photos and here is mine from two days ago, during marathon preparations.


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