Landing at Tegel, exploring Wittenbergplatz

A great seat mate – the mother of four who with most of them was returning to Berlin after three weeks in California – made my flight enjoyable. One of the attendants was on her last flight; she was retiring after 42 years. We landed in the morning so I bought my one-week subway/tram/bus pass and navigated to my hotel. Other commuters helped me figure it out.

Berlin is quiet! Subways are quiet. Streets are full of people, there is traffic, but it’s quiet. It’s a miracle.

Wittenbergplatz and my hotel are chillingly near where Eichman’s offices were, as commemorated by a detailed story on a sign. It’s of the first things I saw while walking close to my hotel.

In the evening a concert opportunity jumped in front of me. It took place in a contemporary church next to one of the oldest and partially destroyed ones. Legendary pipe organ. Then after a good sleep, I went to a yoga class led in German, so I twisted my head around to see what others were doing and it worked out. At Spirit Yoga thanks to a recommendation by Tanja Siebert, who teaches jazz here in Berlin. I’m listening to jazz now on 106,8FM. Want more pictures, less talk. Forgive typos, I’m writing on my phone.

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