And now, vacation!


Fellow traveler Patti Anders from W 110th St and I rented car in Darmstadt and drove south to Heidelberg to walk along river and look up at castle .. on to Hotel Linde in Durbach near Kehl .. today climbed a steep hill terraced w grape vines to the local winery .. drove across the border into France and visited the Petit France neighborhood of Strasbourg .. and tomorrow we drive south to Colmar then southeast to Lake Bodensee. Improvising! And enjoying. Beyond Tuesday, our goals are Munich and Prague.

2 thoughts on “And now, vacation!”

  1. Really enjoying your blog Becca! What a trip!! Loved the photo of you in the Philharmonie!!

  2. Again, I’ll follow this on Google Earth later tonight. Improvising is good! I will enjoy seeing the different landscapes in satellite view. Mary

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